Visiting Athens

Visiting Athens

Here you'll find some info about the city of Athens. He hope you have a great time in Athens! If we can somehow help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

Places to visit

If you're in town before or after the festival, or if you're just here for the parties, you'll have a chance to discover a truly historic and beautiful city! Here's a list of some of the places you should visit.

Want to read more about Athens before you get lost in it's beautiful, tiny streets? Go ahead an read this online resume of a tour in Athens.


Athens has a great metro system (especially in downtown) and an adequate bus system. All venues are at walking distance (max 10 mins) from a metro station so go for that if possible.

Google maps is your friend since commuting directions are accurate. Unfortunately it does not include live information.

What to eat

Greek food is world famous! Prepare to experience delicious dishes cooked slowly with love and imagination and seasoned with herbs, olive oil and spices!

Where to stay

If you're taking classes...

...and want to be near the studios, we suggest you book a place in «Ampelokipi» neighborhood. All classes will be in our studio (map) and others nearby.

There are not many hotels in that area but there are a lot of, quite inexpensive, Airbnb places. You might even want to group up to rent an entire place (instead of a private room) since it's cheaper and a bit easier to find one near our school. (Check on the Facebook event what friend's of yours are coming).

Ampelokipi is quite close to Syntagma, which is the city center (just 4 metro stations) and on the metro line that goes to/from the airport so it'll be easy to get there.

If you're here just for the parties... are a few suggestions:


Hosting is a great way to meet new people, exchange experiences from your local dance scenes and it makes your experience at the festival way more memorable!

As a host you get to connect with dancers from around the world and learn about their local Blues communities! You also encourage people from abroad to attend the festival, thus making the event more fun for you and other local dancers as you get to dance with people with different styles!

As a guest you get to experience the renowned Greek hospitality and visit Athens through the eyes of a local! It's always better having a local to give you the best tips around the city!

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