The world is upside down...

Hello blues lovers,

As most of the globe is going through the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has turned upside down. But just like with Blues music we're just waiting for the turnaround that's coming!

Let's be a little bit more patient till it's safe to meet again on the the dance floor, hug and dance in close embrace!

Athens went through a relatively good period during September and October. We managed to get in a couple of months of Blues classes (mostly working on our solo movement and technique) and our community grew even larger as many new aficionados joined our beginners courses!
We got to 3 weekly groups (approx. 20 ppl each) : two beginners and one Intermediate. For a scene that started just 2 years ago we consider it a success!

Right now we're in lockdown and we have moved all our classes online (they're in Greek so you probably can't join, but if you'd like a piece of it, shoot us a message to nudge us to organize online classes in English).

In the mean time....

«Blues is alive»

We are partnering up with other organizers and festivals to keep the Blues community running and support the artists that bring the soul to the festivals that we love so much!

Blues Fever, Vienna Sugar Blues, The Blues Room by Vicci & Adamo and our very own Round Midnight are coming together for a series of online concerts to get us all back in a room (albeit virtual) and enjoy some of the finest live and DJ'ed music.

These will happen only on zoom and you need to sign up in advance in order to attend. (Round Midnight will not receive any money from your donations - you will be supporting the artists involved)

More Info Sign up

Stay positive, healthy and keep on dancin'...
Your Round Midnight Blues team!


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