See you in 2021

Hello blues lovers!
We hope you and your loved ones are all are safe and well - body and mind!

This will probably not surprise you but there will be no 2020 edition of Round Midnight! It is being postponed for next year.

New Dates:
October 8th - 10th 2021
with the same wonderful team of instructors:
Alba, Gas, Ruth and Mike!

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more details are announced!

We look forward to seeing you then for a wonderful weekend full of heart-pleasing dancing, inspiring classes and amazing music!

The full story

Just before the pandemic hit us we were setting everything up to announce the details and open registrations.. We thought long about what to do. We initially wanted to keep going and make changes (bigger venues/less people & more) as we knew you would all be eager to come dance in Athens after this is all over.

But as weeks passed it became clearer that we could not know WHEN this will be over as talks about a second wave grew louder. We want to make sure we are all safe.

The video is from our own, incredible The Storyville Ragtimers! Last week there were some outdoors concerts on the World Culture Day and we had the pleasure to enjoy our beloved Swing & Blues band after a loooong while without listening to live music!

We also put all our love and passion plus a ton of work into making Round Midnight a wondrous event and we would be devastated if we went forward with it and be forced to cancel last minute - there are plenty of organizers that went through this and we feel for them! Plus lots of you have already been through the process of getting refunds and dealing with flight/accomodation cancellations etc - there is no point in going through that again!

In the meantime...

While big festivals will take some time to come back, local dancing is definitely coming back sooner (in Greece dance schools are open since this week - albeit only for solo dancing).

So, until we meet again at some dance floor around Europe:

  • Get involved with your local community, support and help it grow!
  • Local workshops are bound to come back much sooner than big festivals so that will be a chance to learn from amazing teachers!
  • Learn a bit about the music and history of the dance that you all love! Gas and Alba had been posting some very interesting facts - go dive into their page and look up their post for the past few weeks!
  • online classes boomed with the social distancing and if you can't wait till next year to learn form some of the teachers we were having, Mike and Ruth have offered a discount for their Drape and Drag online classes (FundamentalsShapingGettin' Fancy)

We can't wait to see you all as soon as possible!
Until then stay positive, healthy and keep on dancin'...

Alex, Mariangela
and our amazing team of staff & volunteers

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