You've been waiting for this moment: registrations for Round Midnight to be announced! But then you realize you'll be busy at that day and time. So you turn to your beloved friends and ask them to register for you (we've all been there!)

You can do that with Round Midnight of course and we've made it easy for you! You just need to take a couple of steps before hand so you're set to go!

Registration Process

To register for Round Midnight you need to:

  • Create an account with our system (if this is the first time registering with us). You can do that right now.
  • You will get an email with a confirmation link (check your spam/junk folder if necessary). Click on that and you're almost set to go!
  • If registrations are not open yet, you can go here and click on "Direct Link" for the event you're interested in!
  • Copy your browser's url and save it (or share it with the friend that's registering for you). Once registrations are open, this direct link will allow you to login directly to your account and complete your registration! No need to waste precious time by entering your email and personal info again; it will all be there!
    Notice: Anyone with this link can manage your registration so only share it with people you trust.

Registering for multiple people

Just one thing to be aware of: When registering for multiple people only use one tab open in your browser. Every time you access someone's "direct link" you are logged out of any previous sessions and logged in for this person so having multiple "direct links" open could cause confusion.

Terms & Conditions