Essential Info

Essential Info

This is your "go-to" place for all the info you'll need during the weekend! Bookmark it on your phone so you can have it at hand at any time!


Here are direct links to a Map of all the venues and the Classes Schedule


  • Both are near Ampelokipi metro station.
  • There is a farmers' market on Saturday in the area which means:
    • Parking is difficult near the studios on Sat as some roads are closed. We suggest coming by metro/bus but if you insist on driving, allow for enough time to park and arrive on time!
    • On the plus side, you can get really tasty, fresh fruits as a snack between classes!
  • Swing Lounge (listed as Athens Lindy Hop): Fthiotidos 24, Ampelokipi 11523 (map)
  • Cubania Dancehouse: Kifissias Avenue 1, Ampelokipi 11523 (map) (bear in mind this is different from the originally announced)


No smoking allowed in any of the venues. They all have patios so you can enjoy a smoke outside!

  • Friday 22:00 // Architektoniki Live - Elasidon 6, 11854 (near Keramikos metro station - map)
    • The idea is to go straight from classes to the party. You can quickly change clothes at our studio. Go by metro (~30 mins), share a taxi (~5 €) or ask one of the local dancers for a ride!
  • Saturday 22:00 // Megaro Ypatia (listed as Livieratos Mansion) - Patision 55 & Ipirou (near Omonia or Victoria metro station - map)
  • Sunday 21:30 // Tango Notturno - (former Tango Factory) Paggeou 6 (near Keramikos metro station - map)

Dress code:

There is no strict dress code for the parties but bear in mind that the Sat night venue is quite classy! We suggest you make an effort and dress up at least for that night! Check out last year's photos to get an idea

Taster classes

If you haven't picked a taster class yet, please go ahead and do it now.

You will soon get an email with the class that you'll be assigned to (if you haven't already).

Levels & Audition

The instructors can decide to move you to another level (higher or lower) if they feel it will be more suitable for you. Don't worry too much about it, it's all so you can have a better learning experience during classes! If this happens, please contact the organizers to get a new bracelet before attending the next class.

Auditions will be taking place at our studio on Friday at 19:00. We'll keep it cool and relaxed; no need to stress about it!

  • If you want to make it to Level C you must attend the audition!
  • If you're happy with level B and want to skip the audition, just send us an email so we can organize accordingly.
  • If, for a serious reason, you are unable to attend the audition (for example you arrive to Athens late on Fri) but still want to get into Level C, go to the first class you can attend of Level B and talk with the teachers. Please send us an email beforehand so we can organize accordingly.


Before attending any class you will have to check-in to the festival. You'll get your bracelet (which you must be wearing at all times during the festival), your T-Shirt (if you have ordered one or if you want to buy one on the spot) and will be able to ask any questions you want about the festival.

Please come early to allow enough time to get everyone checked-in before classes start.

Friday Saturday Sunday
17:30 — 21:00
Swing Lounge
From 12:00
Swing Lounge
From 12:40
Swing Lounge
22:00 – 01:00
Party Venue
22:00 – 00:00
Party Venue
21:30 – 23:00
Party Venue



There are mainly two areas where you can get food near our studio:

  • The first one is around the church (~3mins from our studio - map) and that's where we usually hang out after classes!
  • If you're looking for greater variety (from souvlaki and bakeries all the way to sushi, noodles, burgers, fish & more) go around "Panormou" metro station (~7mins from our studio - map)

Discounts for food, coffees and drinks!

We partnered up with some of our favorite hangouts near the studio to get you a discount for food, coffee and drinks! Just show them your Round Midnight bracelet!

  • Trypokarydos | A nice, wooden bar where we usually go after classes. Get your coffee to start your day or a beer (or any drink) to chill between/after classes map
  • Kostas | Want quick, affordable but good and filling food? Go for a souvlaki! map
  • Seferto | Whenever we're in the mood for a nice dinner after classes we usually end up at Seferto map

You can read more about Greek food that you should definitely taste.



Tap water is drinkable in Athens. Bring your water bottle to minimize waste!


October is typically still warm with little rain. Average temperature is 20ºC (avrg Low: 14ºC - avrg High: 24ºC) with only 5 days of rain during the whole month. Do check the weather forecast though before packing your suitcase!


If you're active on Instagram and post about the festival, tag us (@roundmidnightblues) and use these the hashtags #roundmidnight2019 #roundmidnightblues

Arriving on Thursday?

We might arrange a dinner or drinks on Thu night. Check out this post and comment so we know how many are interested and we can let you know!

Useful information

Our volunteers will be available to help you, or direct you to someone who can, during the festival. If you have any questions or need any help, find one of them at our studio or the entrance of the party.

  • If you have any questions before the festival, please contact us now as it is much easier to assist you beforehand. Contact us via email or Messenger.
  • Like/Attend our Facebook Event and Facebook Page (also enable notifications) as we'll be posting updates during the festival.
    Facebook Page Facebook Event


Information about commuting in Athens has been posted here.

In case of emergency

Here are some emergency numbers just in case:

  • For any type of emergency call 112 (Europe's emergency number)
  • Police 100
  • Ambulance 166

If you have an "emergency" relating to the festival, you can call to one of the following numbers.

Please use these only if you really need to as we will be very busy running the festival

  • Mary (head volunteer) : +30 693 984 2666 
  • Ioanna (volunteer) : +30 6946088803
  • Dimitra (volunteer) : +30 6944639002
  • Alex (main organizer) : +30 6938024910
  • Mariangela (main organizer) : +30 6972532501

That's it!
Stay healthy, be respectful and have the time of your life!
See you on the dance floor!

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