We booked the Acropolis!

We booked the Acropolis!

We did it! It might have started as a joke (and it might still sound like one) but we have booked the Acropolis for Round Midnight 2019! Here’s how it all went down…

Edit: It might sound like a joke..... because it is one - this was an April's fool joke! You can still read below the original article that fooled many people!

We might not be dancing in the Acropolis but we do have a fantastic venue for Sat night (the mansion from last year). 

We hope to see you all in Athens in October!

The Conception...

Last year was incredible! Even from the first night, your comments were so encouraging (which, to be honest, stressed us more than we already were - we had to make sure the rest of the weekend was equally great). As the days passed and the festival came to an end, your comments and feedback assured us that we had done a great job organizing the first edition and you were astonished by the venues that we had booked!

One comment that kept repeating -albeit probably jokingly- was that the only way to top the venues for next year would be to book the Acropolis! Initially we kindly accepted the compliment and dismissed the “suggestion” as impossible.

But was it really impossible?

Fast forward to this February. We had a meeting at the Town Hall with the head of cultural activities (we want to work closely with the municipality for this year in order to offer our guests from abroad a more in-depth look into Athens via it’s historic buildings). But we were not expecting what would follow!

He informed us that in an effort to make the Acropolis again a part of the daily life in Athens, the Ministry of Culture has decided to open it up to alternative activities and happenings after the regular visiting hours. The name of this new campaign is “Acropolis Re-visited” and Round Midnight has been officially incorporated into the campaign!

We will be informing you about which of the parties will be at the Acropolis when all the details have been clarified - but get ready to dance under the moonlight in one of the most historic cultural sites of the world!

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