Are we there yet?

Hello blues lovers!
We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound!

Just like kids on a loooong road trip, stuck in a car and anxious to get to the destination, get out of the car, explore and play in new grounds, the dance community has been stuck asking the same question for the past year: "Are we there yet?"

There being the time when we'll be able to resume partnered dancing in normal conditions and travelling for dance festivals!

So, are we there?

Well, at least in Athens it seems we still have some distance to cover.

  • Cases in Greece are surging again, as in many countries, due to the Delta variant and some regions have been put back into some form of lockdown.
  • Dance schools have been closed since last Nov (with some opening up just a few weeks ago) so we haven't been dancing indoors since then. We're hoping that we will be able to open in Sept but the exact limitations are unknown. 
  • Venues currently only allow for sitting customers indoors. It's anyone's guess what restrictions will be in place in October regarding indoors dance parties.

With all this uncertainty in terms of health and restrictions, we have decided to be a bit more patient, even though it hurts us to cancel Round Midnight for a second time.

In the meantime...

This year has brought many changes to everyone's lives, but the thing that is certain is that we will continue to develop the Blues community in Athens and anxiously wait for the opportunity to bring the international community back here!

While big festivals might take a bit more time to fully come back, the recovery of local dancing will definitely be faster.

So, until we meet again at some dance floor around Europe:

  • Get involved with your local community, support and help it grow!
  • Local workshops are bound to come back much sooner than big festivals and this also will be a chance to learn from amazing teachers!

We can't wait to see you all as soon as possible!
Until then stay positive, healthy and keep on dancin'...

Alex, Mariangela
and our amazing team of staff & volunteers

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