Terms & Conditions for workshops

The prices/offers displayed on the workshop's page are only valid if you register throught the online registration system on time. In case you decide on the spot to attend to an extra class that you had not registered for:

If you cancel your registration at any time, you are not entitiled to a refund. (This is in accordance with the EU – Refund rights when cancelling online orders which state that: "[..] there are “distance contracts” from which, under EU rules, you are not entitled to withdraw. Examples of these are [...] leisure entertainment reservations for specific dates.")

Instead of cancelling, you can transfer your registration to another person, under the following conditions:

If your partner's registration is cancelled (for whatever reason), we reserve the right to cancel your registration as well, if necessary, in order to keep a good balance between leaders & followers in classes. In this case, you are not entiteled to a refund.