The Music

The Music

Local bands, guest musicians from abroad & experienced DJs will make sure to inspire you and keep you on the dance floor all night long! We 've gathered a great lineup of musicians & DJs for your dancing pleasure...

Live music

Stefano "Slidin' Wolf" Ronchi

Stefano is an Italian blues guitar player and singer living in Berlin. His way of composing and arranging is grounded in old black folklore music from the 20’s and 30’s, from Delta Blues and Piedmont Blues, through old Spirituals, stomp and “swamp” sounds. Passionate about slide guitar, he looks at the tradition with his personal, modern and respectful attitude.

He is a favorite of many dancers and instructors and often plays at Blues events so he knows how to cater for Blues dancers…

Will be playing on Friday & Saturday

The Storyville Ragtimers

For more than 15 years three good friends occasionally met and jammed until 2015 when, inspired by their common love for New Orleans in the early 20th century era, they decided to form a new band! They invited some fellow musicians to join them! All of them were already very talented and experienced, having played for years in many Jazz and Blues bands.

They draw inspiration from Storyville (the neighborhood where jazz was born) and the "sporting houses" in Basin Street where a new kind of music was played at the time! With a love for both Jazz and Blues they 'll keep you dancing all night with a variety of fast Blues and Slow Jazz tunes!

Will be playing on Saturday

The Blues Fathers & the Swingers

Since 2007 The Blues Fathers have been very active in the vibrant Blues music scene of Athens! They 've been "on the road" ever since taking their audiences on a musical journey from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago and NY!

They're true blues fanatics, drawing inspiration from Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and all the other original bluesmen!

They will be joined by the incredibly talented Jenny Kapadai on the vocals!

Will be playing on Friday

Blue John & The Steamboats

Blue John & The Steamboats is a music band from Athens that approaches blues music in a special but also traditional way.

Their influences come from the full range of Blues and sometime like to  add some funk to the game! Each individual member, brings his unique personality, technique and passion, creating together a genuinely original sound!

They will be joined by Vasiliki Malli on the vocals.

Will be playing on Sunday


Ben Gladnikoff

Hailing from the cold dark land of Sweden, Ben spent those long winter months bringing joy and warmth to the frozen feet of his compatriots with some classic soul tracks. He has close to ten years experience of filling soul, blues and swing dancefloors, and has played at blues festivals all over Europe. Since moving to Israel, he has become a fixture at all of Tel-Aviv’s Swing and Blues venues, where he delights in bringing the best old and new tunes for people to enjoy.

Always amazed at the wonderful ways people react to the music he plays for them, you often see him dancing and grooving along while spinning the decks. Ben has a strong obsession with music, but despite many attempts, he is unable to play a musical instrument. Instead he channels that into DJing, dancing, and long arguments about music that don't really serve a purpose. He's especially passionate about all forms of blues, from the rural Delta rythm to that urban Chicago sound via the melting pot of New Orleans, and he knows that it has the power to move both your body and your soul like nothing else can. This is the feeling that Ben brings to the dancefloor, and with him on the decks you'll get a whole new appreciation for that old magic music called the blues.

Miguel A. Cruz

A Blues-culture-lover, dancer, teacher and DJ, he's been DJing in many Blues-Dance festivals around the world: Barcelona, New York, Prague, Toulouse, Rennes, Lithuania, Israel... as well as in local parties. He's always looking for different styles and rhythms following the course of Mississippi River, from the "jazzy" style of New Orleans to the "electric" Chicago Blues, trying to find "the right song for the right audience and moment".

Adamo Ciarallo

Between dancing, practicing, teaching and co-organizing ESBF, Adamo spends his ‘spare’ time listening, reading and learning about the history of the music he loves so much!

He has an admirable ability to "read" the dance floor, making his every song selection a perfect fit for the energy and the mood of the dancers at any time! This is why his DJ sets always end with an impressive amount of appreciation and often with a "we want more" chant from the dancers!

Vicci Moore

Vicci is passionate about her music! No, really! When DJ'ing you'll usually see her singing along, dancing on the DJ booth and struggling to keep herself off the dance floor!

Her music selections will take you on an intense journey through various Blues styles, as she conveys her own passion to your dancing! As with Adamo, when her DJ set is done, nobody on the dance floor is happy and everyone is asking for more!

Eric Duprat

Eric is a professional DJ and music lover! None of big events held in France takes place without his participation. It could be just one set, the entire party or even the management of a team of DJs. He can play all kind of blues music, from old blues to the most recent. In other words, Eric is the person who knows how the dance floor works, and knows exactly what you need:
"My favorite part of my job is to keep you on the floor until dawn."
Apart from playing music, he is an experienced Lindy hop, Balboa and Blues dancer, teacher (dancing Swing since 2007 and R'n'R for 4 years before that) and organizer!

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